Caffé letterario, Florence, 2011

  • project team:
    André Benaim, Fabio Azzato
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  • Titolo esteso:
    Caffé letterario, Firenze, 2011, 500 sm

The courtyard used for the out-of-cell time of the old prison Le Murate, comes back to life with a small but long rectangular building, leaning on the  strong  and high stone wall of the cells. Within a low area that opens onto a square with many openings both externally and internally.  Four spaces with vaulted ceilings and a long escape route with a sloping  floor. The challenge was that of creating a single location from these mixed up spaces. Today a harmonious atmosphere unites the spaces that are connected to each other by new openings and a counter that appears on two different levels.The furniture is basic, made with very poor materials and through the reuse of elements often from the old prison: peepholes, windows, doors, iron boxes. The long escape route becomes an event room, TV, projections, and prison-child bathrooms. Color participates in all this transformation.