Teatro del sale, Florence, 2003

  • project team:
    André Benaim
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  • Titolo esteso:
    Teatro del sale, Firenze, 2003, 500 mq

Sant’Ambrogio in Florence, popular neighborhood, location next to the market. We intervene in what was once a market warehouse, and in recent decades a marble workshop. Two funds on the street, an internal room, some disconnected rooms, we study how to transform it into a suitable place for the show, a real small theater with stage and technicians. We work on the elevations leaving an access ramp, almost as if the road enters. The space is cut by creating a shop that enters, creating an s, in the theater and administration room. A glass front collects the "machine" of the kitchen on the ground floor with transparent glass and the systems on the upper floor closed by red glass. The bases of the concrete columns for the lowering due to the machinery become iron supports for the patrons. The right side towards the stage remains at the original higher level. Inside, lounge chairs alternate with one hundred red director chairs. Doors and many other elements of recovery, such as the counter, complete the salt theater.