CIBI, Florence, 2013

  • project team: AndrĂ© Benaim, Massimiliano Arnone
  • strip_color1: #90765b
  • strip_color2: #b0946c
  • strip_color3: #46382d
  • Titolo esteso: CIBI, Firenze, 2013, 250 mq

With the cry of "vintage!" we were asked to build an inexpensive place with an average price. We managed to get out of the request with the reuse of old glass doors of two doors on via delle Caldaie. The restaurant is characterized by a nice counter made externally by barrique staves. A contemporary reuse that gives determination to the place. The floor in sheet metal or in reclaimed scaffolding boards. Lamps invented with old signs or bottles. A place has been created where you can breathe vintage air but with its own personality. Today it has changed management, the colors and lighting fixtures have changed.