Trasmission tower, 2004

  • project team:
    André Benaim
  • strip_color1:
  • strip_color2:
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  • Titolo esteso:
    Torre per le telecomunicazioni, Sogliano al Rubicone (FC), 2004

The project stems from the desire to intervene with absolute lightness in an area of ​​great naturalistic importance, through an essential construction that, in addition to satisfying functional needs, fits harmoniously into the landscape and at the same time constitutes a joint element in the characterization and of the valley’s viewpoint. The slenderness of the vertical element gives the entire structure a serious aspect, which can be easily noticed when approaching the valley. From the flight of steps, through two paths dug, in memory of the gorges of the gullies, you access a lower level which exploits the underground space for the construction of a reception area which could host a refreshment area, services and the necessary technical rooms.