Albergo Posta Marcucci (Si), in progress

  • project team:
    André Benaim, Francesca Pini, Fabio Azzato, Sofia Lalli
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  • Titolo esteso:
    Albergo Posta Marcucci a Bagno Vignoni (Si), 2019, 250mq

We are inside a historic hotel in the sector of thermal baths in Tuscany.

The renovation work involved the redevelopment of all the 37 bedrooms and bathrooms on the tree floors and ground floor of the hotel.

The concept focuses on the creation of "home effect" spaces, personalized and diversified room by room, down to the smallest details.

This creates a family of rooms, which share the same aesthetic-perceptive principles, but which decline them from time to time in a singular and exclusive way. Each combination of colors, fabrics, patterns, furniture and furnishings becomes in fact unrepeatable.