Busajo Campus, street children aid Center, Soddo, Ethiopia, 2020

We are proud to announce that one of the studio's most loved works is hosted among the pages of the prestigious magazine, in the June 2020 issue of CASABELLA (910).

The Busajo Campus project is the tale of a history of international cooperation, which presupposes the ability of a high level cultural, social and technical exchange.

It is the story of a group of people belonging to the "privileged" western world who interact with an economically fragile part of the "south of the world", with the aim, as in any exchange, to enrich each other.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

"Fuori Porta" Reopening

The outdoor  “historic” restaurant in the San Niccolò district in Florence, known to all Florentines and visitors, reopens the outdoor area

We are at the second restyling of this space, which had to be techinically rearranged, so we took the opportunity to do a general restyling

The inspiration comes from its atmosphere and from some elements of the old taverns, reminding us of how it used to be. Keeping an eye on popular culture, with a simple elegance, and also trying to keep the original flavour.

The new counter is  in old oak planks, that plunges into the gold of the artfully lit brass; the service cabinet, in travertine and brass columns, is part of the architecture.

A fresher and brighter color range than the previous one expands the perception of spaces.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Auguri e buon appetito, Natale 2018

There is no translation available.

Lo Studio Benaim,

insieme alla Bottega d'Architettura BODÀR,

allo studio variabile,

e allo studio WHITE, RED & GREEN,


vi augurano buon appetito per le Feste!

Shots from the construction site of the volunteers' house (Guest House), under construction, from the last Busajo Campus site survey.

The building has a central courtyard, on a single floor. This building, located at the southeast part of  the campus, is the last important structure to be completed in order to account for the efficiency of the entire organization.

It is in fact the temporary home that will host all the volunteers contributing to  the implementation and management, of the humanitarian project.

directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio

with Fulvio Cauteruccio, Domenico Cucinotta, Roberto Visconti, Carlo Sciaccaluga, Francesco Arghirò

to the accordion Francesco Gesualdi

music Ivan Fedele

scenes André Benaim

costumes and images Massimo Bevilaqua

In the book "Un Uomo", Oriana Fallaci shows that the freedom of a single individual can truly block the system, blow up the certainties of a totalitarian regime, expose and perhaps overcome, the miseries  belonging to those who are  essential to each regime. It is this will of the imagination that Alekos' Prisoner wants to stage, the space of Alexandros Panagulis' fantasy, dream and hope. The Eros of creation is always subversive, libertarian, revolutionary. History therefore takes place during the tragic crumbling of democracy in Greece, in the midst of a metaphorical collapse of the scenery, which explodes invading both the parterre and the audience. A broken and misaligned grid, the image of a prison, of a broken and dangerous order. Everything seems to suggest the possible repetition of history and the sinister topicality of the subject.

Some photos of the recently completed Girl House, taken from the last Busajo Campus construction site survey . The Girl House has a central courtyard, like the Main Building, although  it extends itself only on three sides and on one floor. The fourth side of the building,  the entrance, is a wall made lighter by small holes, acting as an entrance with two gates in eucalyptus wood sticks  at the side of it.  In addition to the external space, another work that needs to be completed is  the house of the volunteers, at the southeast end of the campus.

Five architecture firms, from each italian city, tell their story through a dish and become chefs for one night, each of them dedicating themselves to the preparation of a course on the menu.

The participating audience has the task of electing the best dish of each single stage. The grand finale in Milan,  where the firms who have won the individual stages, compete  to elect the Winner of ArchichefNight Italia 2017. The Florentine stage will be held on Wednesday 12 September 2017, 8.30 pm at the Caffè dell'Oro, Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli 2P, Florence.


Wonder, wait and performance,                         

Since 1979 the firm alternates architecture and scenography, by  working in the most important Italian theatres and collaborating with renown Italian and International directors  . The firm is also responsible for the renovation and restoration of the historic Niccolini theatre, in the heart of Florence.  Theatre as a theme is therefore an important part of the firm’s identity.

The magic of the opening of the curtain recalls the atmosphere of a theatre,  It is a screen that by hiding a content, postpones  perception, generating awe and wonder.  The dish should therefore have a screen, an element that the commensal should unveil in order to reach its content, with a theatrical gesture, almost as if it were a performance.

Monday, 07 August 2017

Chianti Drone

During Studio Benaim’s latest photo shooting in the Chiantishire , a few shots taken from a professional drone show two important buidings under construction.  Both medieval farmhouses, characterized by a tower, are being accurately restored, both structurally and in detail. In one of the villas we have created an infinity pool, dominating the panorama of the valley.

Wednesday, 06 September 2017

STUDIO BENAIM Design Team Group Portrait

Pictures of the design team, together with some trainees hosted in the firm. In the last shot, it’s lunchtime, where "the team" relaxes.

Photos by Federico Buscarino