Villa, Lugano, 2013

  • project team: André Benaim, Massimiliano Arnone
  • strip_color1: #72a7cf
  • strip_color2: #8f8c84
  • strip_color3: #667437
  • Titolo esteso: Villa, Lugano, 2013, 500 mq

A villa of the famous architect from Ticino, Rino Tami, built in 1980, was extended (300 sq m) and modernised, in line with the spirit of the original building. The house is on an average-size lot, on a hill overlooking the lake, surrounded by other projects designed by the architect Rino Tami. The main objective was to create a relationship between the panoramic garden and the living area, which was simply a terrace overlooking a sloping lawn. Today, just three steps from the terrace,  we can reach the large and flat lawn which acts as a covering for the new underground garage. A single-storey building in appearance but actually a two-storey house, the villa had small openings on the lower ground floor and at the back, and a living area with large windows but dark in the middle. The lighting was improved by two round skylights, which we kept and completed with others placed above the kitchen and the work areas. With due regard for the relationship between solids and voids, we however created a strong link with the exterior, with more livability in the front, in the area surrounding the pool and at the back of the house, all those spaces that were formerly only allowed to be enjoyed visually. There is a new staircase connecting the pool, directly to the déhor of the living area and to the bedrooms on the ground-floor, through the new balcony overlooking that area. The project also entailed custom-made furniture, which often becomes part of the structure of the house itself.