Oibò, Caffé, Florence, 2007

  • project team: André Benaim, Massimiliano Arnone
  • strip_color1: #dd5201
  • strip_color2: #ffb961
  • strip_color3: #b0825a
  • Titolo esteso: Oibò, Caffé-Bistrot, Firenze, 2007. 250 mq

From the corner of the square where the restaurant is located, the church of Santa Croce is clearly visible from which we took inspiration for the decoration of the glass counter, a reworking of the graphic motif next to the rose window of the facade. Originally composed of a double height compartment and one next to it with a mezzanine which lowered it significantly, making the two spaces almost ridiculous in comparison. The creation of a room on the second level, cantilevered on the double volume, solved the problem. In this way the strong perimeter walls, from the Middle Ages, have not been touched. The counter runs under the two volumetric realities and stitches them together. A 45 rpm cassette has become the only wall decoration. Glass is a key element of the project, and also accompanies the open kitchen and the toilets.