Medicean Farm (PO), in progress

  • project team: André Benaim, Stefano Combet, Enrico Panizzi
  • strip_color1: #607a42
  • strip_color2: #cc824e
  • strip_color3: #d4c5b2
  • Titolo esteso: Fattoria Medicea delle Cascine di Tavola (PO), in corso

With BODÀR Bottega d'Architettura.

The project for the complex of the Medicean Farm in Prato outlines a feasibility study by structuring the Implementation Plan of the area, taking into account the valuable context in which the artifact insists and the surrounding landscape, from the Cascine di Tavola Park to the gore grid and of the canals of the plain. It is drawn up in order to identify the guidelines for the restoration project.

Returning to life a product of undisputed historical and architectural value is the aim pursued, introducing a new social, cultural and economic fabric, generating a new and pulsating pole of the city, urban hinge of the entire Prato plain.