Giunti Bookshop, Prato, 2019

  • project team: André Benaim, Stefano Combet
  • strip_color1: #ff8236
  • strip_color2: #a7adb6
  • strip_color3: #d2d4bc
  • Titolo esteso: Libreria Giunti, Prato, 2019, 500 mq

Six new lighting elements light up with orange-Giunti the main hall of the library. The lamps have a diameter of 120cm and a height of 2 meters, they dominate the double volume space, resizing the height otherwise disproportionate and alienating. These huge and brightly-colored elements playfully become the main mascots of the place, giving the space its original 60s atmosphere. The walls are painted in order to bring back to life the ancient frames of the former movie theatre and the original pilasters are marked by new vertical lights made with glass tubes and LED strips. Upstairs, a partition wall follows the curve of the existing balustrade, separating it from the meeting room.