Mansion, Florence, 1999

  • project team: AndrĂ© Benaim
  • strip_color1: #955440
  • strip_color2: #d9cdb3
  • strip_color3: #446b56
  • Titolo esteso: Villa, Firenze, 1999

An ancient ruin in the Florentine countryside has been rebuilt according to the traditional model of the Tuscan farmhouse. We restored it back to life, faithful to its roots, but open to new cultural influences. The reconstruction, aimed at maintaining the rural character of the building, has seen the use of local, traditional materials: solid plastered and lime-painted brick walls, terracotta floors, pitched roof with wooden structure, and recovered tiles for the roof. While the architecture follows the original canons of the Tuscan farmhouse, the interiors welcome furnishings from all over the world, in an unusual and fun mix.