Villa, Fiesole (Fi), 2010

  • project team: André Benaim, Massimiliano Arnone
  • strip_color1: #b79d75
  • strip_color2: #769edc
  • strip_color3: #1a1819
  • Titolo esteso: Villa, Fiesole (FI), 2010, 500 mq

The building, originally an ancient palace became a farmhouse over the centuries. A barnyard, which was once an entrance, turned into an open-air room, a panoramic summer livingroom. The entrance was therefore moved to the ground floor, where the farm once was. The stairs leading to the canteen, now linked to the oil mill, is now the main entrance. The internal staircase rises up from the centre of the house to reduce the number of corridors and to make the most of the space, with a balanced and  harmonious development. Fixed furniture and kitchen, a swimming pool and the barn completed the job.