Villa, Settignano (Fi), 1996

  • project team: AndrĂ© Benaim
  • strip_color1: #e6e1d6
  • strip_color2: #b88145
  • strip_color3: #422813
  • Titolo esteso: Villa, Settignano (Fi), 1996, 200 sm

Originally a small building or hunting lodge, inside a large property, was later downgraded to a farmhouse. The intervention brings the building back to its original configuration, keeping its main characters. A large loggia for the wagon has been maintained to host outdoor dining, the ground floor with barn and warehouses relates to the adjacent spaces creating a pleasant flow between the kitchen, dining area, lounge, and study. The relocation of a large fireplace gives emphasis to what should have been the main environment in the past. A hand-axed pear-wood flooring is combined with painted larch boards in the kitchen.