Villa, Firenze, 1980

  • project team: AndrĂ© Benaim
  • strip_color1: #eee3b6
  • strip_color2: #c0966c
  • strip_color3: #ad764d
  • Titolo esteso: Villa, Firenze, 1980, 150 sm

The building consists of two stables and a cellar with chestnut vats, contiguous, but disconnected and at different altitudes. The wood of the vats has become the floor of the space they previously occupied. A re-modulation of the volumes has determined an apartment on three levels, which keeps the large room of the cellar and that of the lower stable intact. A large step connects the level of the dining area with that which contains the kitchen and access to the outdoor spaces. The use of colour in the corridor identifies the spaces pertaining to the four rooms.