Flat, Palermo, 2008

  • project team: André Benaim
  • strip_color1: #d3ae53
  • strip_color2: #c3c2bd
  • strip_color3: #93753f
  • Titolo esteso: Appartamento, Palermo, 2008, 250 mq

On the rooftops in the 19th century area in Palermo, perpendicular to Via Libertà, there is a traditional house with a corridor, an attic and terraces, that has been turned into a 2-3 floor apartment, with a large roof terrace.

Subdivided but not strictly confined spaces, open up onto a large living area with an open-plan staircase leading to a second living area which opens up onto the terrace. The bedrooms are beyond the courtyard separating the kitchen from the dining room.

The materials used are pitchstone, wood and coloured glass.