Wednesday, 29 November 2017 16:24

Mansion, Florence, 1999

An ancient ruin in the Florentine countryside has been rebuilt according to the traditional model of the Tuscan farmhouse. We restored it back to life, faithful to its roots, but open to new cultural influences. The reconstruction, aimed at maintaining the rural character of the building, has seen the use of local, traditional materials: solid plastered and lime-painted brick walls, terracotta floors, pitched roof with wooden structure, and recovered tiles for the roof. While the architecture follows the original canons of the Tuscan farmhouse, the interiors welcome furnishings from all over the world, in an unusual and fun mix.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 14:32

Villa, San Casciano, 1994

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Friday, 06 October 2017 10:13

Villa, Chianti, 2019

We worked on a beautiful house, which over the years has lost the flavor of the stratifications, with the use of anonymous materials and some modifications that had  trivialized it. With the new ownership, a process of analysis of the structure and attention to their needs has begun. The property has regained personality and flavor, the beautiful internal courtyard appears today as a rediscovered place. The swimming pool built in the place of a large curvilinear characteristic of the 60s, has become a great viewpoint on the untouched valley.

Monday, 04 September 2017 09:57

Hotel Villa Bordoni, Greve, 2005

A nineteenth-century villa, which had been previously downgraded, regains its initial character with a careful restoration, transforming it into a small country hotel with restaurant. An attempt was made to optimize space, carefully inserting every necessary item to be found in a four-star hotel, without however perceiving the change. We also created a new floor level, with a core-room and a new staircase connecting all the rooms internally. A covered terrace, overlooking the garden, is used for breakfast. It's simple but finished with boxwood panels, that we strongly wanted to keep, as well as the wooden balustrade that looks towards the valley of the river Greve. The restaurant, the bar, the kitchen and the rooms on the second floor were designed and chosen by our studio, while the rooms and the living room on the first floor are the result of a collaboration with BARTHEL.

Monday, 04 September 2017 09:40

Hotel Relais La Suvera, Siena, 1985

An agricultural plan and a master plan were created for this large property, so as to plan the development works over the next 5 years. Some agricultural buildings were designed and others  restored. Within the latter, a series of hotel rooms were created to enrich the overall hospitality. A new road with parking lots, a tennis court and a swimming pool was also created.

Monday, 04 September 2017 09:09

Uffici, Milano, 2008

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Una brutta fabbrica di 6.500 mq divisa in due parti attraverso una zona centrale per ingresso camion viene acquisita dalla E+H, e trasformata a partire dalla creazione di una lobby sobria ma rappresentativa, con uno stile coerente con tutti gli interventi di interior della casa madre. Dalla lobby verso la zona di produzione, e viceversa, alcune finestre creano un rapporto interessante eliminando, in parte, la tradizionale separazione tra la zona uffici e la fabbrica vera e propria. I due piani di uffici, per 1500 mq, vengono completamente ri-tagliati e restylizzati, anche per via del completo rifacimento degli impianti. La facciata, rivestita di doghe plastiche, viene ripulita e resa più tecnica da angolari metallici che la perimetrano e definiscono. L’edificio viene anche completato con l’inclusione di terrazze e logge.

Friday, 01 September 2017 11:12

Teatro del sale, Florence, 2003

Sant’Ambrogio in Florence, popular neighborhood, location next to the market. We intervene in what was once a market warehouse, and in recent decades a marble workshop. Two funds on the street, an internal room, some disconnected rooms, we study how to transform it into a suitable place for the show, a real small theater with stage and technicians. We work on the elevations leaving an access ramp, almost as if the road enters. The space is cut by creating a shop that enters, creating an s, in the theater and administration room. A glass front collects the "machine" of the kitchen on the ground floor with transparent glass and the systems on the upper floor closed by red glass. The bases of the concrete columns for the lowering due to the machinery become iron supports for the patrons. The right side towards the stage remains at the original higher level. Inside, lounge chairs alternate with one hundred red director chairs. Doors and many other elements of recovery, such as the counter, complete the salt theater.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:58

Former barn, Chianti, 2009

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A small barn with whitewashed stone walls, light painted wood on the ground and on the ceiling. It consists of a large space spread over two staggered levels. On the upper level a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom, on the lower level the living area. An outdoor stone space allows you to admire the wonderful panorama comfortably seated.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:36

Villa, Firenze, 1980

The building consists of two stables and a cellar with chestnut vats, contiguous, but disconnected and at different altitudes. The wood of the vats has become the floor of the space they previously occupied. A re-modulation of the volumes has determined an apartment on three levels, which keeps the large room of the cellar and that of the lower stable intact. A large step connects the level of the dining area with that which contains the kitchen and access to the outdoor spaces. The use of colour in the corridor identifies the spaces pertaining to the four rooms.

Friday, 23 June 2017 16:21

Villa, Forte dei Marmi, 2008

A two- storey building, with an extremely fresh and nautical look, was created from a large space with a balcony. The wood and the stained glass of the furniture rest on a sand-like concrete floor. The furnishings, designed together with the house, follow and enhance the shapes, like a tailored suit.

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