Wednesday, 29 November 2017 14:32

Villa, San Casciano, 1994

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Friday, 06 October 2017 10:13

Villa, Chianti, 2019

We worked on a beautiful house, which over the years has lost the flavor of the stratifications, with the use of anonymous materials and some modifications that had  trivialized it. With the new ownership, a process of analysis of the structure and attention to their needs has begun. The property has regained personality and flavor, the beautiful internal courtyard appears today as a rediscovered place. The swimming pool built in the place of a large curvilinear characteristic of the 60s, has become a great viewpoint on the untouched valley.

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 09:22

Villa, Maremma, 2017

A hill just above the foliage of the cork trees, with a view of Montepescali, has become the place to build an apparently small one-story house, built with excavated stones of many colors. The stone of the walls contrasts with the orange of the fixtures and with the procession of fixed but adjustable metal shutters. This small one-story building, on a complete visit, reveals itself as a two-story building with an internal courtyard.

Internally is based on a great simplicity in respect of the needs of the property.

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 08:33

Busajo Campus, Etiopia, in corso

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Ha collaborato al progetto l'architetto Danilo Gentili.

Il progetto Busajo Campus è il racconto di una storia di cooperazione internazionale che presuppone la capacità di un interscambio culturale di alto livello. È la storia di un gruppo di persone appartenenti al mondo occidentale “privilegiato” che devono interagire culturalmente, socialmente e tecnicamente con una parte molto fragile di una società del “sud del mondo”. Busajo Campus è una struttura territoriale che offre accoglienza, consiglio e formazione a bambini e ragazzi “di strada” di Soddo, una città di media grandezza nella zona centro meridionale dell’Etiopia. Le attività del Campus, in collegamento costante con le autorità governative, sono volte a contrastare il forte incremento di bambini di strada e dell’inquietante fenomeno della prostituzione minorile femminile. 

Monday, 04 September 2017 09:57

Hotel Villa Bordoni, Greve, 2005

A nineteenth-century villa, which had been previously downgraded, regains its initial character with a careful restoration, transforming it into a small country hotel with restaurant. An attempt was made to optimize space, carefully inserting every necessary item to be found in a four-star hotel, without however perceiving the change. We also created a new floor level, with a core-room and a new staircase connecting all the rooms internally. A covered terrace, overlooking the garden, is used for breakfast. It's simple but finished with boxwood panels, that we strongly wanted to keep, as well as the wooden balustrade that looks towards the valley of the river Greve. The restaurant, the bar, the kitchen and the rooms on the second floor were designed and chosen by our studio, while the rooms and the living room on the first floor are the result of a collaboration with BARTHEL.

Monday, 04 September 2017 09:40

Hotel Relais La Suvera, Siena, 1985

An agricultural plan and a master plan were created for this large property, so as to plan the development works over the next 5 years. Some agricultural buildings were designed and others  restored. Within the latter, a series of hotel rooms were created to enrich the overall hospitality. A new road with parking lots, a tennis court and a swimming pool was also created.

Monday, 04 September 2017 09:09

Uffici, Milano, 2008

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Una brutta fabbrica di 6.500 mq divisa in due parti attraverso una zona centrale per ingresso camion viene acquisita dalla E+H, e trasformata a partire dalla creazione di una lobby sobria ma rappresentativa, con uno stile coerente con tutti gli interventi di interior della casa madre. Dalla lobby verso la zona di produzione, e viceversa, alcune finestre creano un rapporto interessante eliminando, in parte, la tradizionale separazione tra la zona uffici e la fabbrica vera e propria. I due piani di uffici, per 1500 mq, vengono completamente ri-tagliati e restylizzati, anche per via del completo rifacimento degli impianti. La facciata, rivestita di doghe plastiche, viene ripulita e resa più tecnica da angolari metallici che la perimetrano e definiscono. L’edificio viene anche completato con l’inclusione di terrazze e logge.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 08:35

Villa, Chianti, 1997

A previous restructuring, heavy and impersonal, pushed us towards a work of lightening and recovery of the original structure. Some internal modifications, to reduce the many differences in height, and the search for an atmosphere of warmth inside, was also the recovery of furnishing in this beautiful farmhouse.

Thursday, 21 January 2016 12:01

Villa, Fiesole (Fi), 2010

The building, originally an ancient palace became a farmhouse over the centuries. A barnyard, which was once an entrance, turned into an open-air room, a panoramic summer livingroom. The entrance was therefore moved to the ground floor, where the farm once was. The stairs leading to the canteen, now linked to the oil mill, is now the main entrance. The internal staircase rises up from the centre of the house to reduce the number of corridors and to make the most of the space, with a balanced and  harmonious development. Fixed furniture and kitchen, a swimming pool and the barn completed the job.

Thursday, 21 January 2016 11:50

Flat, Istanbul, 2013

A large apartment overlooking the Bosphorus, with a breathtaking view, was completely furnished and restyled, following the Client’s suggestions of a home with a 1950s atmosphere and a touch of Japan. It is a two-storey building, with a double-height living room, characterized by a large chimney made from local stone. Most of the walls are coated so as to integrate or hide openings and furniture, creating an image of continuity.

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